A BrowseAmp skin in XHTML, XML, CSS, and JavaScript designed to look like Winamp 2.x, and capable of using Winamp 2 skins.



Most functions are disabled in the demo, but it does show how JsAmp looks (keep in mind that more attractive skins can easily be used) and feels. Opera 7 users: this will most likely crash your browser! Opera 8, along with Gecko-based browsers, seems to work just fine. Internet Explorer cannot view the demo, as it does not support XHTML.

View the Demo


Note: This software (including all associated files) is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in any action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in the software.

I retain the copyright to the parts of this software that I have authored. Please don't distribute this without my permission.

Download: JsAmp_0.9.zip, 263 KB. Release notes.


Simply unzip the file you downloaded above in the C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\browseamp\ directory to install JsAmp. If asked whether you wish to replace any files (specifically, mime.ini), do so.

Make sure that mime.ini (in C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\browseamp\) ends with the following lines:


If not, add them and save the file. JsAmp is now installed.


The main window of BrowseAmp. The position of each of the components (main window, equalizer, and playlist) is configurable. To the left is Skinplant 2005, on the right is Cold-Pak.

The JsAmp configuration dialog.

Release Notes

Version 0.9—Tuesday, August 02, 2005

  • Initial public release.
  • MainWindow.xhtml crashes Opera (tested with version 8 and 8 beta).
  • Safari/WebKit testing needed.
  • SVG features (the equalizer display) requires Deer Park Alpha 1 or later (Deer Park is the codename for Firefox 1.1, to be released in September).

Recommended Skins

This is a list of Winamp 2.x skins that I have used with JsAmp, and that are known to work well.